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Understanding the impact of farming practices on biodiversity. 

The research theme of the program is the large scale monitoring of arthropod species diversity and abundance over space and time on Ontario farms, and our masters students' specific focus for this project is understanding the factors that drive seasonal changes in community composition on the farms and whether the makeup of the surrounding landscape mediates these seasonal changes.


To understand species composition and how it varies in space and time. 

Our research expands across a variety of land-use gradients across Southern Ontario. Collaboration with ALUS program allows us to conduct research on farmlands that host restoration lands. 


By conducting research on a variety of landscapes we can collect anthropod samples that are metabarcoded and then contribute to the genetic data set being formed at the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario.  

Monitoring biodiversity in farmlands

As part of the larger agricultural monitoring project, our master’s student conducts field research at farms across Southern Ontario to understand how the number and identity of arthropod species present vary over space and time.

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